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Last Modified:04/16/2013
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No $listCmd or $plugExt set within aa_pluginLoader()

Submitted byO4web O4web
I am using Maya 2011 x64 on windows 7 and could not use the script untill I tried to find the problem.

The problem was that $listCmd and $plugExt didn't get set. My solution was the following:
Replace the code:
if (`about -os` == "nt"){ $listCmd = "dir/D/B"; $plugExt = ".mll";}

$listCmd = "dir/D/B"; $plugExt = ".mll";

This way, the variables always get set and will be changed in case OS is different,
Another solution could be to just add the following line (instead of the previous):
if (`about -os` == "win64"){ $listCmd = "dir/D/B"; $plugExt = ".mll";}

But I would recommend the first solution

Comments on this bug:

  • Alin Sfetcu

    Alin Sfetcu said almost 12 years ago:

    first "solution" will render script useless on Mac and Linux. please download the corrected version (0.5e) thank you Alin
  • O4web

    O4web said almost 12 years ago:

    why would it render it useless? On mac and linux it should set $listCmd and $plugExt according to the OS afterwards, because the following lines follow: if (($os == "linux") || ($os == "linux64")) { $listCmd = "ls"; $plugExt = ".so"; } if ($os == "mac"){ $listCmd = "ls"; $plugExt = ".bundle";} Using my first solution the $listCmd and $plugExt will always be set. So if the OS is not recognized by the following 2 if clauses, your script will assume it's a windows. If you don't want that, then maybe you could check if $listCmd and $plugExt are set, in case they are not: notify: aa_alertv("OS not recognized", "OS not recognized please contact");

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