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assignSingleWeight 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

quick assigning skinned vertices to one joint

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Last Modified:12/27/2005
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  • jacquesBroquard

    jacquesBroquard said over 17 years ago:

    What a joy it is to work with this script. Often during the weighting process, one has the unfortunate duty of dealing with a bunch of errant little vertices that have been weighted to some random other joints during normalization. The current wokflow only allows you to select a joint and then paint weights onto it. Hoping all the while that you paint the right vertice; difficult when the vertice is jutting out like Everest. Altenatively, you can select the vertice, and use the component editor to assign the weight manually, but this only works elegantly if the vertice has some weight assigned to it from a joint you want to eventually assign a value of one, otherwise, as we all to well know, you have to hunt down that one joint in the hierarchy and type in the value. This simple script, saves a lot of frustration during the finalling of the weighting process, and I recommend it.

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