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Auto Pipe 0.3.6 for Maya (maya script)

Quickly create pipes along curves that can be animated

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Last Modified:03/12/2019
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Submitted by: mattgfx mattgfx
When i apply this pipe tool with a 5 sided object the normals are still "soft". When i apply a harden edge node i get cant perform"polySoftEdge1" but it seems to work when it renders. Is there a way around this error?

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  • ktplive

    ktplive said over 9 years ago:

    Hi Matt Had a quick play around, and haven't been able to replicate this error - that was with Maya 2015. I can't really think of a link other then maybe animating polygon geometry that has additional polygon history on it that could possibly cause some kind of odd behaviour. Perhaps if you can give me a little more insight into your methodology, I might be able to hit the same error. The other alternative would be to add some sort of hard edge option into the core so the auto pipe is built with hard edges. Steve

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