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Automated "Animator Friendly Rigging" 1.0.6 for Maya (maya script)

Automated "Animator Friendly Rig" with all its wonderful features

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  • 2010, 2009, 2008, 8.x

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Last Modified:01/24/2011
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jason schleifer

After watching "Animator Friendly Rigging" by Jason Schleifer aka God , I tested the rig provided in the DVDs and realized that it's the best rig out there in terms of usability and animator freedom as well as being technically robust .  I needed to implement that rigs on multiple characters , so I ended up automating it. 

The automation follows the creation from joint orientation settings to match_Object creation (which was a pain to reverse engineer and automate) .

If you are a character TD / Rigger and you haven't watched the DVDs go buy them now !! I can't stress their importance enough

I added a GUI to use the functionalities in this rig :  IK/FK matching to , pivot move, mirror , save pose . It should make a good pipe-line rig / animation package.

>>>      Download Jason's scripts from or or
>>>      You just need the scripts folder from the zip file (JS_Scripts\Scripts), copy its contents to \My Documents\maya\xxxx\scripts  ... REPLACE the ones you have these are the newest (the ones on the DVD could be the old ones)
>>>      Extract wf_autoAFR  \My Documents\maya\xxxx\ make the scripts , icons , shelf are copied properly 
>>>      Start Maya , you should have a shelf named autoAFR .
>>>      If for some reason the shelf doesn't load , type "wf.autoAFR" in the command line and drag it on any shelf
>>>      Click on the icon 
>>>      You need to reset the move tool from the attribute editor for maya 2008 and above (make sure "soft select" and "reflection" are OFF )

>>>      Rig can be created in relaxed A pose
>>>      Dummies are mirrored automatically , you just have to move the left side,
>>>      Hands driven keys are created automatically
>>>      Match objects are created automatically (matching FK/IK including iterated attributes )
>>>      Mirror-able (WIP on some issues)
>>>      Saving poses, and transfer animations
>>>      Stretchy FK / IK  with knee and elbow locks
>>>      Stretchy FK / IK torso and neck
>>>      UI to toggle between IK/FK modes and matching objects
>>>      UI detects multiple characters
>>>      _anim set for animation controls (key scaling)
>>>      _skin set for skin-able joints 
>>>      Watch the DVDs for the full features of the awesome rig :) 
>>>      Added  "parent" selection for the IK arm controls 

Work in progress:
>>>      Supporting leg rotation before rig
>>>      Finishing the mirror script
>>>      Multi-rig creation in a single file (low priority)
>>>      Double knee (low priority)

I need your feedback please try it and send me your comments either on or send to

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