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Last Modified:11/10/2014
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cannot attach cart to track

Submitted by: John Thompson John Thompson
Unclear as to which 2 controls to select in outliner before pressing  "attach cart to track"
get error message "no object matches name:track_ctrl-set.maintrack"

Can you tell me the 2 controls to select in the outliner.
Help much appreciated

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    nicky liu

    nicky liu said over 6 years ago:

    Sorry for late reply. Above the attach button I wrote "Select Cart control, Track control". They are awesome_cartCtrl and awesome_trackCtrl.
  • John Thompson

    John Thompson said over 6 years ago:

    tks Nicky, Not selecting in right order. All OK now Many tks John
  • sysh1018

    sysh1018 said almost 5 years ago:

    It needs "closestPointOnCurve" plug-in. Should I have to install this plug-in?? But there are no any plug-in like this... what should I do?:( (Don't attach track and cart!)

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