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bakeCloth 0.9 for Maya (maya script)

Here is a little script to bake the solver out...

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Last Modified:05/14/2001
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Here is a little script to bake the solver out of your maya cloth simulations. Primarily this script was written for maya cloth animations, after a really good cloth solve has been achieved, you can use this script to bake the cache file directly into your maya scene file. The script works by taking a copy of the vertex location at every frame, and then doing an in-between blendshape and keyframing it based on the maximum and minimum in your time-line. Theoretically this script could be used to bake deformations into any object that has vertex transformations across time... if this is useful to you :)
The script will hide your original cloth object, and rename it as "original", as well as creating a new, visible object, that is "baked". You can export the baked object into a new file, or delete the "original" if you want to be completely rid of the maya cloth sover/cache file... this way you can transport cloth animations onto maya complete, without any hassle.
Now works properly with negative frames, and with cloth constraints that are children of the geometry. Fixed "ungroup" (Can't ungroup leaf-level transforms)bug. Thanks to Carl Edwards for letting me know i had an old version uploaded to hihgend... :-)

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