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batch FBX Import to OBJ Export 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Import a folder containing FBXs and export everything back to it as OBJs with textures still intact

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Last Modified:07/19/2023
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obj exporter, mel, maya

Most FBX to OBJ converters are obsolete, one file upload at a time and/or great at stripping textures. I put this script together for quick-action batch processing to bypass this nonsense. Download the zip and double click the mel script for it to instantly open in Maya. Another way is to open the mel file in a text editor, copy and paste it into Maya's script editor and then hit enter to run it (you could also save it to an arcane Maya user folder location somewhere in the dark, digital recesses of oblivion). Better yet, save the script to your shelf along with the sweet icon included and enjoy your new OBJ post-op life!
*you'll want to make sure there are only FBXs in the chosen folder

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