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Batch Group Objects 1.1.0 for Maya (maya script)

Automatically building multiple hierarchies for objects

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Last Modified:01/25/2016
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mel, Rename

I wrote this script for a project to build nested groups for objects. 

You need to type in naming string in the "Name Hierarchy" field. The syntax is to use character "|" to define defferent hierarchies, then you can get multiple groups. You can also use two local variable, $name and $id, to give each group different naming rules.

The "prefix"/"postfix" checkboxes and text-fields are used to add prefix and postfix to each hierarchies, which enable you to achieve common information through the group chains.

The Undo Group button uses an algorithm to  loop througn the objects you select and extract the root nodes from a brunch of transform nodes, which can reset the scene to what it looks like before you execute the script.

I hope this tool can help you a little during modeling or preparing scene for rigging.
And for more detail discription, you can read the doc-string in the script and if you run into any bugs, contact with me.

Fixed a bug when solving groups of only one hierarchy 

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