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BeastTools 2.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

collection of useful scripts in a polymodeling workflow

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  • 2010, 2009, 2008


Last Modified:11/22/2011
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[Documentation included]
refit -> refits a selection of vertices to another object 
mirror -> mirrors vertex transformations across a structurally symmetrical mesh
cmdLine+ -> a simple floating command line with history

more to come!

And here it is! Beast Tools update version 2.0 
Updates for the old:
Bug fixes for refit list, added refit with relax.  Added Save/Load match list for mirror.

And a few things fresh and new:
*UV To Shape -> Transfer Vertex positional data based on relationship of UVs (great salvage tool for OBJ exports with errors in vertex order) Great for creating blendshapes
*PolyTool: Collection of short and handy polygon editing scripts (vertex shaker, Average Vertex Position, Mover to 0, Relax selection, select SubPoly)
Documentation and learning videos to come. Enjoy! 

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