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Bezier Curve / Tube Generator 6.0.3 for Maya (maya script)

Bezier Curve / Tube Generator

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  • 2008, 8.x

Operating Systems

  • Windows


Last Modified:05/02/2008
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For a fast  wire, base arm, base leg, plant, tubing system;  this is a bezier system in maya.


Use the command -



To launch the window for adusting all the attributes of your curves.


**Now colored bezier system controls


Controls are curve spheres that have two locators parented for the bezier handles.   When you move the controllers, they will not update right away, you can click on update in the window or you can hit play in the scene.



Rings around the tube can be moved and rotated.  When the tube system updates, all of the controllers maintain there offset from where they should be in the curve.   The controllers around the tube are in their own display layer for safety reasons, don't want to go grabbing a bunch of rings and move them when you want to move a bezier handle.  Just remember to turn off or on the template view for the layer.


Also sculpted vertices will maintain their offset,  due to the edge rings being clustered and grouped to the rings around the tube, changes to the vertices stay changed.


An expression is created for every system generated, so if you delete the main group, remember to delete the expression.   So just keyframe your translates on the controllers and bezier handles, and animate the curve.




What's to come?

Bezier / Spline toggle on the tubes.

Tube End / Mid Tapering Controls

Bezier Tube Controller Animator

  ++Pre set tapering animations that can be altered through sliders and controlls.





** WALK THROUGH FOR VERSION 4.7  -  A new one will be uploaded soon.

 Video walkthrough with narration (Duration 8:43 )-


31.2 Meg --  **TechSmith Screen Capture Codec



20.1 Meg -- there is no duration or time slider on this swf, I need to remake it.  Also, some reason the sound doesn't work for me in IE , but it's fine running off my computer and in firefox. I really need to remake this.





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