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bf_GearBox 1.5.0 for Maya (maya script)

A toolbox to speed up an animators workflow based on tradigitools...

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  • 2011

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Last Modified:05/09/2011
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Version 1.5.0 UPDATE : A new version that works with Maya 2012.

Whats New / Changed in version 1.5.0
• In the Keys section Auto spline mode has replaced Plateau mode.
• Two new scripts have been added to Resources folder , blastMOV_03.mel and
jgIncrementalSave.mel . This is because of a few bugs in 2012 , please use the
jgIncrementalSave.mel included in the package and not the one found on the
internet as that one has a small bug it seems. Also there's one more section to
uncomment for Windows users in blastMOV.mel
• Arcs buttons now opens the Editable Motion Trail window instead of
• Two buttons have replaced the HardwareRender buffer button. One switches
the current viewport to Viewport 2.0 and the other switches it back to regular
• Also small buttons for Options of playblast and Viewport 2.0 have been added.
• A pdf containing all commands used in bf_GearBox has been included for people
who want to make shortcuts out of them. Thanks to Bruno Andrade
( for asking for this

Version 1.0.1 UPDATE :: I was informed today that the mel script cfStopWatch cannot be found on the interwebs. This is true as the website of Chris Fram , is down and I dont think that mel script is here on CreativeCrash either. Sorry for this guys. I have added the script in the resources folder now so please redownload. I will try to email Chris and ask if he has any objections to me uploading it here. Thankyou Lord Ryan Santos for bringing this to my attention.Also I will make changes to this toolBox for Maya 2012 when I get my hands on it.

 I have been using this for a while and hope this helps you as well.

This is a free , compact toolbox inspired by tradigitools ( made using freely available scripts and some code from Maya script editor. Nothing fancy going on here , this toolbox is just a collection of free tools made in QT4 Designer.

Depending on your screen size you may want to use the thick or slim version or edit the ui files in QT4 Designer.

Please read the included help file for install instructions. I haven't tried this on Mac platform so please try and let me know and I will update this section.

Quick Trick : If you are on Linux , you can go to System Settings and set MMB click on the Titlebar to Shade and Unshade for Active and Inactive windows and this way all the floating windows can disappear in a flash when you want them. Helps me a lot.

Hope this speeds up your animation workflow as it has for me.

Goodluck and Happy animating.

Jigar Jani


Big thanks to ,

Tjgalda -

Cameron Fielding -

Kiel Figgins -

Justin Barrett -

Jason Schleifer -

Oleg Alexander - (for oaIcon2Shelf)

Chris Fram -

Ced - (for camManager)

Counter.mb found at

Steven Roselle -

Mark Jackson -

Jay Grenier -

Please use the Bug System to report any bugs.
Please use the Feature Requests to give me ideas.
Please use the Support Forum if you have any questions or problems.
Please rate and review in the Review section.

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