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BNC - semi-dynamic branch growth system 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

precise branch growing system

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Last Modified:05/25/2010
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This is a group of scripts designed to let you to:

- simply draw your branches layout with simple curves (and with absolutely no hierarchy and as complex as you need)

- script is using custom made geometry and NOT extruded shapes

- automatic growth animation with speed, time offset controls for every single branch

- this system is SEMI-DYNAMIC cause it follows your curve layout but still makes some

   offsets at points where new branches are growing (while they are growing) so you dont get

   completely static growth plus at the end of animation you get exact look of what you need


package contains:


-step by step guide how to use those scripts

-sample maya scenes

NOTICE: you will need to have "closestPointOnCurve"

Also, if you need to deform your neuron/branches geometry after you make it , you will have to combine all its geometries and then deform it (ofc without deleting history to preserve animation)


this system was developed for Alpha music project :



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