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BulletTime (Camera Playback Script) 0.7.0 for Maya (maya script)

View the whole animation through multiple cameras from within maya

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  • 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008

Operating Systems

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Last Modified:05/06/2014
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Version History

Attribute window added
Cameras now read set attributes
Camera name can be converted into attributes, and vice versa (for copy+pasting settings)

Worked out a way to correctly calculate the time for transitions, so it should remain at a constant speed at all smoothness levels
Updated the outliner to change width depending on length of camera names
Added option to disable all individual camera speeds and just use the main playback speed
Updated speed transitions to fill in the start and end frames

Added in speed transitions, works with as many as you want to add

Updated play animation code to skip frames if they're taking too long to render

Wrote my own code to play the animation, keeps it at a steady fps so it's able to run in slow motion (the inbuilt play can't)
No longer edits the scene settings, and doesn't use the play button anymore
Added smoothness to increase/decrease the number of frames shown per second (anything over 1 runs slow though, so it's disabled until I manage to add some sort of frame skip)

Add an extra number to the camera name to change the playback speed when viewing through it

Camera shake will now work all the time
Viewport switches back to the correct camera

Fixed playback speed to initially show current scene settings
Improved error checks to stop objects named in the same format from being processed

Add/remove camera shake based on user set amplitude and frequency
Check to stop the code running if a node is already connected

Outliner added to show all cameras in the scene
Searches by string and not camera to avoid the viewport cameras, so string can be user set
Playback speed can be set

Basic UI designed
Various fixes

Multiple cameras can be used at once
Reads all from selection

Plays through a camera based on start and end frames defined in the name.
Uses the time slider as a boundary, and won't play outside of it.