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Camera and Object Positions to After Effects 2.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Camera and Null Export to After Effects

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Getting an "aegp plugin Mayaimport: error reading maya file" popup in AE

Submitted by: Iriewolf Iriewolf

This looks like it could be a great production tool.. if i can get it to work.  I'm using Maya 2015 and AE CS6.  The Script seems to bake out the camera motion just fine, but I get a popup in AE as per the subject.  Same thing happens whether AE is open or not.

Any ideas?


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  • RobC

    RobC said almost 10 years ago:

    This can be caused by the baked objects having different baked lengths. First, start fresh my deleting all the null_*_baked objects in the scene. Delete The Baked Camera as well. Set your timeline to the length that you want in after effects. Then Bake each object you want to send to After Effects. Make sure you are baking the transform node of the camera. If this doesnt work try deleting everything else in the scene except for the baked camera and the baked nulls and choosing manual export. Or select the baked camera and goto file export selection! ( the script does this for you ) I would be curious as to the reason if it is not any of these thing and could take a look at your maya file if you want. I use maya 2015 and cs6 as well.

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