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Camera and Object Positions to After Effects 2.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Camera and Null Export to After Effects

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Last Modified:03/18/2019
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Nothing appears in AE

Submitted by: Clare Swift Clare Swift
Downlaoded your script, seemed to work fine. Baked camera and object then automatically opened AE (CS6) but whilst I could see keyframes on the null, nothing was visible - the composition panel was completely black. They normally appear red - don't they?

Any help would be appreciated as this will be a major help to my prroject if I can use it.

Thanks xx 

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  • RobC

    RobC said almost 10 years ago:

    First things first, I just updated the script to fix a tiny bug. So if you could make sure you down version 1.9.6. When the script works properly you should at minimum have a comp in After Effect called "CAM2AE" and inside this comp you should have an AE Camera and any nulls that you selected to bake in maya. Depending on your settings in After effects you should see the null points when looking through the camera. These objects should all have keyframes on every frame of the comp. If this is not the case something wrong is going on in maya and you should see some kind of error in the script editor. If you do see an error in the script editor let me know what it is and we can go from there. Thanks for using my script and I hope this helps Rob C
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    Clare Swift

    Clare Swift said almost 10 years ago:

    Hi, There was CAM2AE and null and keyframes on everything - just couldn't see it in the comp. Went thru the process manually and had the same issue so I don't think it's anything to do with the script. Thank you for the update The object is just a flat plane to represent a syfi flight console so nothing complicated. Trawled the net, lots of suggestions all of which I've tried :-(
  • RobC

    RobC said almost 10 years ago:

    The "card" that is placed in after effects is not at the center of the null in maya. Move the Anchor Point in After Effects, potentially that is why you cant see the image of the console. Also make sure that your scale is appropriate. Sometimes scale is very large depending on the units that you have set in maya. The option in the script to "Scale scene to mm" on export will try to alleviate this, however the scene must be built in centimeter. If you are doing it manually and still cant see the nulls in AE then it definately is smething to do with the maya scene. If you want to have me help I can take a look at the maya scene to help you out!
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    Clare Swift

    Clare Swift said almost 10 years ago:

    Thank you, will try those suggestions. In the end, got so frustrated I created it in AE

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