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CAT Tools 1.0 for Maya (maya script)

This is a poly component alignment tool. it...

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Last Modified:07/10/2005
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This is a poly component alignment tool. it will force selected polygon components to the bounding Box. You choose X, Y, or Z and min or max bounding box, or zero X,Y or Z. It will also move the pivot of the selected transform tool (move, rotate, scale) to the bounding box min, max or zero in X,Y or Z.
This tool has custom and easiy to read UI.
Put script in "user/my docs/maya/6.0/scripts/" and icons (indexed BMPs) in "user/my docs/maya/6.0/prefs/icons/" The CATIcon.bmp is an icon you can use on your shelf for this tool.
After sourcing this script in the Script Editor you should be able to type in: catTools; and run the UI just fine.
As an aside.... the indexed BMPs are much smaller than their XPM counter-parts.

!!! This only works on Polygons and SubDs (in Polygon Mode) in their component modes. These tools do not work in object mode or on NURBS at all. !!!

This is untested on earlier versions of Maya... though I have no reason to think it won't work.
I hope you like it. E-mail if you have any bugs or questions.

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