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cb_hookUp.mel 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Creates connections between a single source node, and a series of target nodes. With the option to include an intermediate utility node in between the source and target connections.

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  • 2011


Last Modified:05/24/2011
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This tool was inspired by my rigging work on Clockworks, a production of Ninjaneer Studios. I was called to rig several props with many moving mechanical parts, most notably gears. My approach to this was to create direct connections between a single key-able attribute, and particular transform attributes of the components. I found that when a series of multiply/divide nodes were placed in between these connections I could setup a large number of simple motions among mechanical components, all driven by a single attribute, such as a series of gears turning, or a scissor lift operating. While this method has proved very effective for me, it has also shown itself to be quite time consuming to set up. Thus, the inspiration for this tool as a time saving device when implementing such a solution in future rigs.

The function of the tool as noted is to quickly create connections from a selected attribute in a single source node to a selected attribute in a series of target nodes. It also allows the user to create a series of intermediate utility nodes through which these connections pass, and set the attributes of those utility nodes.

To-Use: Install tool by simply placing both files (cb_hookUp.mel and cb_hookUp_UI.mel) in your scripts directory. Than, source cb_hookUp.mel to launch the tool.  The UI is fairly easy to use, but you can also find instructions for the tools use in the file cb_hookUp.mel if needed.

Please feel free to use this script or any part of it as you see fit. I believe very strongly that the free exchange of tools in the creative community serves to strengthen it. I do ask that if you make use of this tool that you inform me via the contact page on my website Also, feel free to contact me with any comments or suggestions you may have as to how this tool could be improved. I can make no guarantees that I will have time to address these of course, but I do like to update my tools periodically, and feedback from people who have found them useful is always appreciated.

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