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cgx_wornEdges 2.5.0 for Maya (maya script)

Paint the corner edges of your objects using vertex colors

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  • 2011

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Last Modified:01/20/2011
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Edges, worn

Version History

Ver 2.0
UPDATE(18-12-2010): I got more feedback than I expected and worked on the script (I didn't expect any feedback to be honest, haha). There are a couple to do's pending.

Ver 2.1
UPDATE(19-12-2010): Added a new option that creates a Maya Set containing the vertices used by the script. This will allow you to do things like growing or shrinking the resulting vertex map using Maya's vertex painting and selection tools. Also, cleaned up the code a little bit.
UPDATE(20-12-2010): Uploaded the wrong version yesterday, sorry for that.

Ver 2.2
UPDATE(19-01-2011): Fixed a bug that connected the vtxMap to an empty colorSet. Thanks Vic Fina!!

Ver 2.3
UPDATE(21-10-2012): Optimized a few lines to make the script faster.

Ver 2.5
UPDATE(05-11-2012): More code optimizations to make the script faster. New UI creation code added. Changed the way the UI is created so please use the new code (see above). Videotutorial added too at