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ChanDumper 0.7.0 for Maya (maya script)

Input and output raw channel data

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  • 8.x, 7.x, 6.x, 5.x, 4.x, 3.x, 2.x

Operating Systems

  • Irix
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows


Last Modified:08/05/2007
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ChanDump will input and output raw channel data from selected object(s). Mainly wrote to interchange animation curves from one animation package to another (In my case between Maya and Houdini).  Also has option to convert camera aperture from Maya to Houdini and back.  I had made updates to this and never released the changes.. here's what I've done.

Changes since v.3:

    // v.4 (12/20/00)
    //  -Added ability to write .clip files
    //    -Added aperture conversion: If a .hfa (horizontalFilmAperture) channel exists it
    //  will convert it's name to "aperture" and convert the value to houdini units. 
    //  When reading a channel into a .hfa channel in Maya it will convert the aperture values
    //  to Maya units from Houdini units when the convert option is checked.
    //  -renamed a bunch of widgets to less-common names to avoid clashing w/other scripts
    //  -Now you can select the shape node attribues from a selected transform node
    // v.5 (3/1/00)
    //    -Next to the comment for each channel I added a frame range that denotes the time of
    //    the first and last key
    //    -When selecting multiple objects and then adding a channel to the channel listbox,
    //    chandump will add the channel for each selected object
    // v.6 (7/19/00)
    //    -Optimized adding channels to channel list box.  When adding thousands of channels the UI
    //    would freeze indefinatly.. now it just takes a few seconds.
    // v.7 (12/10/03)
    //    -Re-organized functions so UI isn't needed to dump channels


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