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Checker Size Tool 1.2.0 for Maya (maya script)

Makes the checker size same among different objects

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  • 2013, 2012, 2011

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Last Modified:12/16/2016
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Checker Size Tool: This is a maya script intended to make artists' work easier while unwrapping models . Using this we can pick up checker size from any objects or faces and set the same checker size on other objects. Its quite easy to use.


 Pick checker size: Pressing this button picks up the UV ratio (or the checker size) of the object that is selected. Individual faces or face shells can also be selected and their checker size picked up. The picked size is the average of the different checker sizes on the object. For example if on an object the checkers on half the faces are of different size than on the other half, then the size that is picked up will be midway between those two sizes.


 Set checker size of object(s) : After picking a checker size, select any number of objects and press this button to make the selected objects' checker size the same as the picked size. Pressing this button scales all the UVs of each selected object as a whole.


 Set Checker size of shells ( Face shells) : It works on a single object. Pressing this button will go through all the polygonal shells of the mesh and scale their UVs to make the checker size same as the picked size. The object should have multiple shells for this to work.


 Set Checker size of shells ( UV shells) : This button will find all the UV shells and scale them to conform to the picked size. Unlike the above button, this will work if a mesh has a single polygon shell.



 This script does not do any unfolding, relaxing or layout,. It only scales UVs to make the UV ratio same as the picked one. The objects must be unwrapped before the script is used on them.

 Known Issue: Sometimes the checker size comes very different from the one that is picked, and keeps on changing every time we press the Set checker size button. In this case if that object is combined with any other object and then separated, and then the checker size is set, it comes correctly. This is possibly because of a bug in Maya in the getUVArea() function which keeps on reporting the UV area as same even after scaling of Uvs.




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