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Circulator 1.0.4 for Maya (maya script)

Creates a prefect circle from the current component selection.

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Last Modified:12/05/2017
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This sctipt fills a void that I've been longing to have filled in Maya, and that's to make a selection of components into a prefect circle.

-What it does:
     Creates a GUI and tries to make polygonal components circular along X,Y,Z, or Normal Average of the selection
     Need to select at least 3 verts, 2 edges or 1 face (face selection is for Maya 2015 and newer only)

-Explanation of what the buttons do:
     [ Average ]   = Creates a circle from the selected components oriented to the normal average of the coinciding verts.
     [ X ] [ Y ] [ Z ] = Creates a circle aligned to the corresponding planar axis.      

Simply make a selection of contiguous edges or a group of adjoining faces and run the tool.


-Notes and Known Bugs/ Limitations in functionality:
     Currently makes the cirle at the bounding box centre of the selection.
     Only works to create whole complete circles, not arches. (Using this on border edges between mirrored geo is a good example of what won't work)


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