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CM_SmoothProxyRadialSymmetry 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

SmoothProxy w/ Radial Symmetry.

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Last Modified:08/15/2007
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    Maya's native performSmoothProxy allows for mirroring across an axis such that you can be working on one side of a low-poly face and see the higher resolution result of both sides of the face merged together and smoothed.
     This script allows for similar functionality to make objects that have radial symmetry around an axis instead of just bilateral symmetry across an axis.> Useful for things like machinery, wheels, starfish, flowers, logos, etc...
    It is trickier getting your low-poly cage to merge well with the next segment than it is with the mirroring (where you can just make sure all the verts line flat in the on the mirror plane). It is useful to start with a cylinder and delete all the faces but a starting "wedge".
    The script turns off the shading on the shapeNode for the low-poly cage and puts the hires resulting object into reference mode so you cannot accidentally select components when you are working on the low-poly cage.

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