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Last Modified:07/05/2015
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creating hotkeys then 'Apply' crashes maya

Submitted byroobot roobot
Hi there,

This is a fantatsic script but seems to crash maya when creating hotkeys then hitting  'Apply' ?

Using Maya 2014, any ideas?


Comments on this bug:

  • GuillaumeG

    GuillaumeG said over 9 years ago:

    Hey, sorry for late reply, I've been on holiday. I'll take a look at that and I'll let you know. If you open the script editor, do you have any report (Error: ...) before maya crash?
  • GuillaumeG

    GuillaumeG said over 9 years ago:

    Hi, so I tried different situations and it works fine for me. I asked a friend to test it as well and it works for him too. Do you still have the issue? I'm thinking it might not be related to the script. If you create a hotkey in the "normal maya" way, it doesn't crash maya, does it? I could help you finding a solution but I'd need some context.
  • roobot

    roobot said over 9 years ago:

    hey thanks for replying! :) sorry I didnt realise you had (didnt get a notification). Anyway yes it does still seem to crash Maya when hitting apply on creating hotkeys. Dont have time to see any report as it just closes Maya so quickly. trying to use odd keys like * combined with 'alt' sometimes as a lot of my hotkeys are used up!.. theres no way to assign F numbers is there? (eg F1,F2 etc..), tried also just assigning 'k' for instance but it still crashes maya :( thanks again for your time!
  • GuillaumeG

    GuillaumeG said over 9 years ago:

    Hi, So I tried again, using different hotkeys in different situations and it works fine, I can't find a way to reproduce the bug. Do you use skype or gmail? It would be much easier to debug if we could chat.

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