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connectionEditorPlus 1.2.2 for Maya (maya script)

connectAttr with search and sort.

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  • 8.x, 7.x

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Last Modified:01/22/2007
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simple connection editor.


aim for "search attr name" and "sort attr name" function


for sometime you just not sure the attr name, you can type it to search.




for sometime really hard to find the attr in connection editor which without a sort attr name function.


// v1.22 2007-01-22
// - add display attr type, so that you can guess can it be connect or not.
// - it can't connect to compund attr before, now fixed, but user need to input index.  (like "plusMinusAverage" node)
// - add show hypergraph and select nodes, click "input and output connection" in hypergraph to see the connections.
// v1.21  2007-01-13
// - add ? to show help of the nodeType
// - use "listAtr" instead of "attributeInfo" to get the attr list
// - add "+ " to multi attr
// - bug fix about error when deal with "instObjGroups" attrs etc..
// v1.20 2007-01-07
// - change name from "searchListConnectAttr" to "connectionEditorPlus"
// -add attribute filter
// -split the list to "main attr" and "multi attr"
// v1.12 2007-01-06
// -add info (nodetype and attrs count)
// -fix attributeInfo -internal 0 as default
// -fix error when update the list with zero selection 

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