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convCMuscleWeights2DoraSkinWeights.mel 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Convert MAYA Muscle's skin weights file to the DoraSkinWeight's one.

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  • 2011


Last Modified:12/28/2011
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Hi All!!

I've wrote a short mel to convert the skin weights file from MAYA Muscle to DoraSkinWeight.
Now you can set up the figure with MAYA Muscle joints and convert them to skinCluster (MAYA Default Smooth Bind).

1. Set up the figure with MAYA Muscle joints
2. Save the MAYA Muscle weights file by Muscle>Load/Save Weights
3. Run this script
4. Load the weights file
5. Specify the filename of DSW (DoraSkinWeight) 
6. File copy the result of converted DSW file to dsw directory of DoraSkinWeight
7. Duplicate the skin and smooth bind it with the same skeleton with MAYA Muscle
8. Import the DSW file to the skin
9. Clean up the weights with Skin>Edit Smooth Skin>Paint Skin Weights Tool

Now you can work with very useful Paint Weights of MAYA Muscle and convert it to the fastest rig by Smooth Bind.
Good Luck!

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