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Copy/Paste Attribute Channel Values 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Copy and paste the values from selected channels to same or another object

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Last Modified:02/09/2013
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2 simple little scripts you can make into buttons that help me out greatly in copying and pasting selected channel values from one object to another, or from an object back to itself at two different points in the timeline.

I felt the need to make separate Copy and Paste buttons so that I could copy and paste values from and back to the same object at different points in an animation, mainly to check out deformations while not having to scrub through the timeline.

NOTE: This procedure utilizes 2 buttons - A Copy button (CpCh), and a Paste button (PaCh)

How to use:
1) Select and middle mouse drag the Copy Procedure script to your shelf to create a button and name it "CpCh".
2) Select and middle mouse drag the Paste Procedure script to your shelf to create a button and name it "PaCh".
3) Select object with the values you want to copy and paste from (source).
4) Select the channels that contain the values you want to transfer.
5) Click the "CpCh" button (This stores the values in an array for pasting).
6) Select the object to which you want to paste the values (May be the same object)
7) Click the "PsCh" button


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