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Crack Me 1.7.5 for Maya (maya script)

Creates an editable crack through a poly surface

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  • 8.x, 7.x, 6.x, 5.x

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Last Modified:09/28/2008
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CrackMe creates an editable crack through any polygonal surface. This tool can be used for just about anything. It come in real handy for cracking up objects into seperate pieces. It can also be used to break up a character for a "low-res" mesh.

How this tool works is that it creates a polygon plane that will crack through the surface wherever that plane intersects the geometry. The divisions on the cutting plane can be edited for different amounts of detail. The vertices on the plane can be edited (best results if the verts are only moved up or down in Y ) - a randomizer script helps greatly with this, but you can also use the sculpt polygon tool to edit your crack. After you are happy, click the make crack button and you have turned your one object into two objects with the crack. This user a polyboolean operation so there is no extra nodes or data after the crack is made, just plain geometry.

NOTE: If your geometry dissapears, it is probally one of two things. Make sure the plane goes completely through the object and covers it completely. If that doesnt work and it still dissapears, the geometry is more than likely bad - try merging all of the vertices and merging the vertices with 0.005 distance (this is usally the problem).

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