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Create Point Helper 0.0.1 for Maya (maya script)

Creates helper object (like 3dsmax's Point Helper) at origin, object's pivot and hilite selection center.

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  • 2016

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Last Modified:04/13/2017
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This small tool is designed to create Point Helpers in 3 different ways. This helper is similar as 3dsmax's Point Helper, which can be displays as Cross, Box and Tripod Axis.

This tool have 3 modes:

1. When nothing selected, run the tool and Point Helper will be created in 0,0,0.

2. When some objects or chain of bones selected, Point Helpers will be created in pivots of selected objects.

3. When you have selection of faces, edges or vertesies Point Helper will be created in selection center.

Place script in your scripts foulder. Place to a shelf the code listed below:
import sys
path = "\\\\MyPc\\SharedFoulder\\Maya\\Scripts\\"
if path not in sys.path:
import CreatePointHelper_class

Edit "path = " variable to set path to your scripts foulder.

Poklonov Maksim (Maxgoodwin) 2017

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