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createExtendableFluid 2.1.0 for Maya (maya script)

extendable fluid container, adjust on the fly.

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Last Modified:04/23/2008
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v2.1 2008-04-23
- back to original version, ie have null on top for scale. Scale fluid container itself will auto resize the resolution.But scale the null node won't.
- add "on ground" attr in container, if it is on, center will be buttom of ur container. If off, center will be in center position.


v2.0  change expression to connecting nodes, and no null group will be created, use the scale of fluid container to extend it directly...   (more clean to me)


v1.1.1   Add "voxelX",  "voxelY", "voxelZ" to see the container resolution....


it will create a normal 3d fluid container, but is extendable ready.

which you only need to adjust your fluid scale, it will handle the containter resolution for u, no more calc.


Use the null to move, rotate and scale the fluid, if you need to, and I've turn on the handle of the null for you to pick it easier.

but, change your container size and resolution in the fluid transform node.

and use voxelSize to increase or decrease your resolution of the container....on the fly!

you may set a low voxelSize for preview, and a bit higher for final sim.
you may adjust fluidScaleXYZ to decrease the container cover space to speed up your sim for preview, and reset for final.


I inspired by Max fluid plugin, which I think it's really really user friendly to resize your container,

so I made a maya version in this manner.



hope it's useful......





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