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CrFix_2 2.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

New vers. of Crfix that can help about neck coordinate's system

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  • 2015, 2014

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Last Modified:02/05/2015
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Crfix fix some issues about biped rig created with cr_ModularRiggingSystem (powerful tool) by Wasim Khan.Some people ask me to fix these problems, and I created this little plugin to help these people, anyway I think that cr_ModularRiggingSystem, created by Wasim Khan, is a powerful tool.With this new plugin you can fix:Clavicles controls position (they are inside the mesh, and it would be a problem for animators)Add Clavicles coordinates to IkWrist controls Fix the issue about hands controls (the fingers don't follow correctly the wrist) Eyes control position (sometimes it is inside the mesh, and it would be a problem for animators) Neck control coordinate's system (New)A PLUS: You can change the set controls for fingers, but it is a plus, not fix a issue. You can see tutorials here: (New)IMPORTANT: Read the warning file! Hope that this tool help you.

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