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ctShatter 2.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

cuts an object any number of times inside it bound

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  • 2008, 8.x

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Last Modified:12/11/2008
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Version History

Version 2.0//

Due to commentary, I\'ve added in a button which allows a switch between a modified version of the maya core SolidShatter, and my polyCut method of shattering, so a combination can be used, be sure to clear history before using the SolidShatter Method though. Window has also been resized so buttons are more accessible, and extract checkbox has been removed, as it would conflict with the solid shatter. Also, the complexity of the interior pieces of each shard is dynamically scaled based on the number of cuts for the given operation (most, due to the method I coded it in are 2, until whatever is left for the number of desired pieces is not evenly divisible by two, then it does a final shatter with that many shards), so the complexity of the interior, even with high noise values is not very great. I kept it low like this to keep from making distractingly noisy meshes.

The # cuts/ # pieces slider now switches usage depending on the mode you\'re in, if you\'re in ctCut mode, it cuts that many times, if you\'re in solidShatter mode, it makes the chosen number of pieces.

Also keep in mind that the close and increase gap buttons do nothing with solidShattered objects, as it directly effects polyCut nodes, of which there are none.