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Cube Magic - Transitional Effects 1.0.1 for Maya (maya script)

Cubes/Circles/Diamonds - Fast effects

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Last Modified:08/25/2014
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circles, transitions



Submitted by: j w j w
Hi, I'm trying to get the import command to work, but, with no luck
Is this right?

import svCubes as sv



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    ktplive said over 9 years ago:

    Hi Mark Sounds like the file is most likely not in your scripts directory. As a guide you can use this video to give you a step by step run down: So the: import svCubes as sv Is to import what ever the file name for your python script is, and abbreviate it to a shortened name 'sv'. The second line: sv.cub0r() Is to activate the function inside the python script called 'sv.cub0r()', this opens up the user interface and should get you all going. I'll look to throw a quick video up on this guy in the next day. Steve
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    Suloo said over 9 years ago:

    Hey J W, i`m very new to Maya and just got your script and would like to use it, but somehow cannot get it to work. I opened the script in the script editor in the phyton tab. Then i wrote the lines import svCubes as sv sv.cub0r() to the very end of the script. Then dragged the whole thing out to a button, but got an error message: # Error: ImportError: file line 870: No module named svCubes What am i supposed to do here? Any help is welcome, a short video would be fantastic, but i also can read text usually.. ;) cheers Mark
  • Suloo

    Suloo said over 9 years ago:

    Hi Steve, great, thanks for your help. It did work out now. Actualy i had the script not exactly in the right place. I created a new folder containing that script, but that doesn`t seem to work like that. So i placed it directly in there and now it shows up properly. many thanks!

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