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custom hotkey combo 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

set a temporary hotkey to launch marking menus and other useful hotkeys

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Last Modified:06/12/2010
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hotkey, marking, menu, shortcut

I like my hotkeys and now I run out them. I do not like to move my left thumb away to far from alt button because I have to look at the keyboard to come back to it later. Lazy I know. I saw a cool function in Cinema4D Where you can map any keyboard keys as a modifier ( like alt, ctrl or shift) and I'm so glad that I can implement that in Maya (with slightly more work).

This script is just an example of what's possible with it. Endless.

Put the 2 scripts in your script folder and source it.
Create 2 custom user hotkeys (name it "whateverYouWant_press" and "whateverYouWant_release").
Map "d" press to "whateverYouWant_press" and put this command: ft_dCustomMM(0);
Map "d" release to "whateverYouWant_release" and put this command: ft_dCustomMM(1);

While you are still pressing "d":
left mouse button you'll get a marking menu
middle mouse button will still give you the default ctxEditMode

"f" is now toggle playback (ala alt + v)
"s" is now go to min frame (ala alt + V)

Right, Left, Up And Down arrow are now Horizontal and Vertical 2D Pan in your viewport.
"+" and "-" are now zoom in and out in your viewport.
You can toggle or reset View 2D Pan tools from the marking menu above.

Of course, once you release "d" all the hotkeys back to normal ("f" for frame selected, "s" for setKeyAll, arrows for pickWalking) - Default or custom.

Works on Maya 2011 ONLY (for now).

Please rate it if you like it. Thanks.

Ferry Taswin

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