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CV Spiral & Helix Creation Tool 1.5.0 for Maya (maya script)

This script let you create spiral / helix nurbs curves and more.

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  • 2009

Operating Systems

  • Windows


Last Modified:05/29/2016
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mel, maya, duplicate

Version History


  - Completed first basic functionality with simple GUI
  - Added extrude along path curve(helix or spiral) with any curve type(just curve types only)
  - GUI (re)"Design"


  - Added Revolution Distance decrease/increase
  - Save and load curve parameters


  - New GUI/New Section "Duplication"
  - Duplicate objects along Spiral/Helix
  - No selection between elliptic and circular spiral/helix, now controlled by Radius parameters
  - The number of actual curve points in a Spiral/Helix was not correct. Sorry^^ But works now.
  - Fixed Bug #1: Filedialog abortion saved a noname file



  - Duplicated objects now scalable(taper effect)
  - Added a button to calculate the height of a Spiral/Helix
  - Duplicate or Instance objects along Spiral/Helix
  - Fixed Bug #2: Just the last selected object is duplicated
  - Animate extrusion along path curve
  - Fixed Bug #3: Error "object not found" (GUI problem)



  - Random translation, rotation, scale for duplicated objects
  - Save all Parameters not just Spiral/Helix settings
  - Created new file specification for saving files >> is now upward compatible
  - 2 presets were added to the menu

  - Button set radius half - elliptic style
  - Extrusion for mesh profiles(with custom taper curve ability)
  - Poly Plane Button creates polygon plane/circle profiles


Current version is v1.5.

(This script was just tested on Windows 8 with Autodesk Maya 2009.)


If you still get an error like: "Error: Object not found:" then open the script in a text editor and
delete the following lines: 1824 - 1827:

if (`windowPref -exists $CVSHWindow` == true)
windowPref -remove $CVSHWindow;