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Davvey's Vehicle rigs (rev) 0.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

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Last Modified:08/14/2006
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As a quick fix for a problem some people appear to be having this is a revised copy of the main script.

The problem appears to be due to the window pref lines failing to find any history of the window of the GUI. If you download this script and copy or move it to where the original file is and overwrite the original the problem should be fixed.

The problem gives an error message as shown below.

// Error: Object not found: //

The fix is as follows.

Set the lines to look like this

// Check for any "Window History" and delete if it exists.
// if (`windowPref -exists DVY_VehiclRigWindow`) windowPref -r DVY_VehiclRigWindow;
// windowPref -edit -topLeftCorner 250 750 -widthHeight 315 600 DVY_VehicleRigWindow;

The // in red can be added at front of the lines.

I will shortly be putting up set of revised scripts with better error checking etc.

As an update on script usage these script can simulate the same type of action seen in the Pixar "Cars" film which has been profiled in the 3DWorld Mag last month where they mention ground following control.

These script can do this by adding geometry constraints to the "Ground Locators". See the forum for more info on this.

Davvey's Vehicle Rigging Scripts Forum

The original script pack must be installed first before installing this revised script.

Original script pack includes help files etc and a full installer and can be found at

Davvey's Vehicle Rigging Scripts (inc Installer) Davvey's Vehicle rigs 1.1.0

Good luck and any problems let me know.

PS added a PDF file version of the help files for offline reading

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Please use the Support Forum if you have any questions or problems.
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