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Davveys Escalator Generator 1.2.0 for Maya (maya script)

Davveys Escalator Generator

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Last Modified:07/21/2007
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Note:- Any Duplicate files contained in any of my script packs can be used. Just ensure you copy the latest version of any file. These script packs are being built up using some common utility type scripts which are shared across more than one pack.

Version 1.2.0
This revision has split up a few of the scripts into separate files to stop an occasional issue with Maya failing to properly source some of the Global Procedures used to build parts.

Description Section

These Scripts will build Dimensionally accurate Escalators and travelling WalkWays and the GUI will show the English Equivalent during the setting up of the various options.

Just install scripts in any Maya script path and install Icon and Image files in Maya/Prefs/Icons directory

Usage Section

Type DVY_Escalators in command line or middle mouse drag it to a shelf. There is an Icon file supplied to use with the Shelf Button.

The Scripts will build a set of Escalator or a moving Flat Walkway.

There are various options that can be selected and Data fields to enter various sizes. These are Floor Height, Length and Tread Width. The Diagram on front help section shows relevant dimensions.
The Floor Height is from flat section at bottom of Escalator to flat section at Top of Escaltor. The Length is from centreline of lower curved section of Escalator to same at Top Section. This Length includes two 1000 mm straight sections of steps so 6000 mm equates to 2 x 1000 mm straight sections and approximately 4000 mm of angled step section.

The recommended angle for Escalators is approximately 30 degrees and these scripts will build Escalators between 20 and 50 degrees but appearance may have errors at the extreme angles. The overall width of the Escalator is Tread Width plus 200 mm. The HandRail height of approximately 925 mm and width 100 mm are fixed along with the 1000 mm flat sections.

After building the Escalator there will be a Hi and LoRes version of all moving parts arranged in two seperate layers and the script will rig the Steps and Both HandRails to move as per a real escalator. The default direction is down but this can be changed along with the speed by adjusting an attribute named `SpeedAdjust` located on the Group Top Node called `Escalator_Main_GrpN_`. Set it negative to change direction and zero will stop the Escalator travelling. Increase or decrease the default value of 5 to adjust speed and the range is +/- 50.

The Escalator groups are arranged to allow positioning of the completed Escalator by rotating and translating the Group Top Node called " Escalator_Main_GrpN_* ". The Motion Path Curves etc are Parent Constrained to this top node. If Required once position is set the Three Group Nodes can be grouped together to clean up HyperGraph but this node must not be moved once grouped or double transform will occur.

The Script will add a simple Stainless Steel Shader to all parts except the HandRail Supports which can be set to Glass or Stainless.

After building the Escalators the script will lock off unused attributes and leave the Main group Translate and Rotate Nodes unlocked and keyable.

Note:- The Scale of the Escalators or WalkWay will be adjusted to set correct size relevant to the correct size for the Users Maya Unit settings i.e mm, cm, m, in, ft, yd.

There is a lot of building and rigging goes on but it is all repetitive to build the steps and hand rails for each side. Then it makes them cycle and then locks everything off. So this script will appear to freeze Maya while it doing its "Thing" please be patient. I will add a progress window to script shortly to show progress during execution of the scripts.

Installation example (for Maya 8.0):

1. Install scripts in the Maya Script directory
E:Documents and SettingsDavveyMy DocumentsMaya8.0scripts

2. Install all icons (xpm files) in
E:Documents and SettingsDavveyMy DocumentsMaya8.0prefsicons

Thanks and enjoy any comments good or bad let me know at Also please rate the scripts if you like them and any feedback on additions required

Please use the Bug System to report any bugs.
Please use the Feature Requests to give me ideas.
Please use the Support Forum if you have any questions or problems.
Please rate and review in the Review section.

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