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Davveys Stair Generator 1.1.2 for Maya (maya script)

Davveys Stair Generator

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Last Modified:03/25/2007
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Note:- Any Duplicate files contained in any of my script packs can be used. Just ensure you copy the latest version of any file. These script packs are being built up using some common utility type scripts which are shared across more than one pack.

Version 1.1.2
Modified script for Winder Style Complex Stairs to correct geometry area at top of straight  section

Version 1.1.1
Added missing Image files to Script pack

Version 1.1.0
Script now updated to include complex stair styles plus 14 spindles and 6 handrail styles
NOTE:- Maya's POLY HELIX Tool is required if either of the Spindles with twist styles are chosen but all other styles will work without the POLY HELIX plugin.

Description Section

These Scripts will build Dimensionally accurate Staight and Spiral Stairs and the GUI will show the English Equivalent during the setting up of the various options.

Just install scripts in any Maya script path and install Icon and Image files in Maya/Prefs/Icons directory

Usage Section

Type DVY_Stairs in command line or middle mouse drag it to a shelf. There is an Icon file supplied to use with the Shelf Button.

The Scripts will currently build both Straight and Spiral sets of Stairs.

There are various options that can be selected and Data fields to enter various sizes. For Straight Stairs these are Tread Width, Tread Depth, Step Height and Step Thickness. If Step Height and Thickness are set the same script will effectively build a set of steps not stairs.

The straight Step options are to include Stair Risers (i.e. the vertical section of each step) but not needed for the solid step settings example above. Stairs are built with a 20mm overhang and there are options for edge of step styles. There is an option to include Stair Rails each side. These can either be on outside edge (will add approx. 35mm to overall width) or they can be set inboard of the steps in which case the rails will be notched to suit the Step thickness. There are options for Left and Right Hand and Mid Rails, with post and wall mounting options. Also if posts are selected Panels can be built for left, right or both sides.

For Spiral Stairs the options are Stair Outside Diameter, Tread Width, Step Height and Step Thickness. Also Outside and Inside Hand and Mid Rails with Posts or Wall Mountings. Also Panels are available for the Outside Diameter. There is and Option to include a central column if required.

Script will also add simple Wood coloured Shaders also Stone, Granite and Glass Shaders are also available for all sections. (Download Page image shows some example stairs built with this script pack)

After building the Stairs the script will lock off unused attributes and leave the Main group Translate and Rotate Nodes unlocked and keyable.

Note:- The Scale of the Stairs will be adjusted to set correct size relevant to the correct size for the Users Maya Unit settings i.e mm, cm, m, in, ft, yd.

Also included with the script download pack are some guidance notes on building stairs this is in the form of a Help Txt File.

I am still working on this script and will be adding options for more complex shape stairs shortly.

Installation example (for Maya 8.0):

1. Install scripts in the Maya Script directory
E:Documents and SettingsDavveyMy DocumentsMaya8.0scripts

2. Install all icons (xpm files) in
E:Documents and SettingsDavveyMy DocumentsMaya8.0prefsicons

Thanks and enjoy any comments good or bad let me know at Also please rate the scripts if you like them and any feedback on additions required

Sample of Stairs produced in ten minutes using various sets of Stairs from script

click for larger version

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