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deform By Curve 1.5.0 for Maya (maya script)

deform an object along a curve

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  • 7.x, 6.x

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Last Modified:06/21/2006
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What is new? some problems about the curve selection are solved. What is new? in the newer version many problems are fixed and you can now do it with multiple objects and the custom parameters are not connected to the transform node of the target object, so you are free to change it by hand. ------------------------------------------------ An script for deforming any shape node along a curve. This is a combination of wire tool and blenshape. First select the object(s) that are to be deformed, then select the curve. When you run the script a group node will be created with some attributes. When you are done, delete the history of the deformed node and delete the group nod after. It is better to freeze the object transform before applying the effect. A good workflow for making tentacle type animation or any other desired deformity. The source objects MUST lay down on Z axes of your scene, and for better results it should be scaled to the boundaries of the scene grid.

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