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Denny's Character MirrorTable Utility 1.8.0 for Maya (maya script)

Mirror any controllers and attributes in a character rig.

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  • 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008

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Last Modified:05/12/2015
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Both version 1.6 and 1.8 is available in the downloaded zip. 1.8 adds support for Maya 2015 (not tested with 2016) and hopefully fixes some issues. 1.6 is left for legacy reasons. I added an example script, if you want a reference to automate mirror tables in production. The scripts are not perfect, so some parts may not longer work as intended. This is because I automate my own work and may not find the bugs myself.

Minimum updates will be made for this script as I only update it for my own needs. Script is available for free 'as-is' and no active support will be given.

The script is now completely automatic. See the updated video above for a walkthrough on several popular rigs.

Character mirroring tool for Autodesk Maya. It was developed for Maya 2009 but should work for at least 2008 and above. Brief features include:
  • Mirror/Swap - Mirrors controller positions/rotations/attributes based on opposite controller.
  • Match - Matches one controller to another. Offsets can be stored so an ideal pose can be achieved between two controllers.
  • Pivot Offset - Use the MirrorPlane controller as a pivot. For example a character may be hanging on a pole/ledge, place the MirrorPlane inside the pole/ledge, rotate and apply! The character will now rotate around the pole/ledge/MirrorPlane.
  • Custom Marking Menu specifically made for this script so you don't have to rely on a custom window which is only in the way.
  • MEL scripts can be attached to controllers and attributes and will be executed when the controller/attribute is evaluated.
  • All data is stored in custom data nodes easily found in the Outliner, they do not interfere with existing hierarchies and can easily be transferred between scenes. The data is based on names so you can transfer the mirror table between scenes, you just have to save an extra time to recalculate relative values in that specific scene.
  • Referencing: The MirrorTable is fully capable of referencing but when it is you're only capable of using the mirror functions (marking menu), editing the rules of the MirrorTable will not be possible and should be done in the referenced scene.
All features can be used with a built in marking menu. The marking menu can be installed via the edit menu of the main mirror table window.

This script is free for all use, if you're a part of a bigger studio or corporation and find this tool useful I'd appreciate any credit, compensation or simply an email telling me that you find this script useful.    
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