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Denny's Character MirrorTable Utility 1.8.0 for Maya (maya script)

Mirror any controllers and attributes in a character rig.

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Last Modified:05/12/2015
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  • Israfel

    Israfel said about 7 years ago:

  • v__m

    v__m said almost 10 years ago:

    Dude, it sounds like a great script, potentially, but the interface that you created kills me. I'm looking at it and I don't understand what a single button is supposed to do... without reading some docs or watching your video. I tried to add controllers manually, because it doesn't work automatically (long names)... It keeps giving errors at everything I try to do. Why are long names even an issue? And after it errors the cursor turns to hourglass and the only thing I can do is restart Maya... Overall, looking at your video, I'd say this is a simple piece of software, it could and should be intuitive to use. Like having to type something like L_R_ instead of giving a proper way to indicate what is left and what is right, requires someone to go the docs for something so simple. Or the way you deal with mirroring attributes... it just doesn't make sense. And it's a pity you don't show how your script works manually, that would be really useful, especially since there are no docs, or at least I couldn't find any.
  • David Spriggs

    David Spriggs said over 10 years ago:

    It's the only script I've found that does a decent job mirroring animations! Quick tip I found that might help others: Get all your keys cleaned up and try to get as many as you can on the same frame numbers, then before you use the plugin KEY ALL ATTRIBUTES on each frame that has any keys at all. This shouldn't alter your animation much at all, and it will make the plugin operate smoothly. Then mirror ALL keyed controllers on each frame that has keys. You may have to adjust the curve handles in some areas, but it works great none the less! Thanks Denny!
  • james jimmy

    james jimmy said over 11 years ago:

    really nice plug in. I have some problem matching attribute but I really appreciate it.

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