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Dino Extrude Curves 1.5.0 for Maya

multiple curves extrusion with customizable profiles

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  • 2010, 2009, 2008


Last Modified:10/01/2009
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With this simple script you can extrude multiple curves with a click.

new features in version 1.5:

By keeping the window open, now it is possible to run multiple extrusion that will share the same profile. The radius is always editable

If you draw a new curve, select it and hit the botton "Switch profile", you will update the last extrusion with the new profile.

 If you continue to extrude new paths, they will share the new profile as long as you dont end the session with the botton "end session and continue". In this case you can start new extrusions with the default circle profile.

You can edit the current profile by clicking on "Edit profile" if you want to edit the shape or make it bigger than the slider value.

You can output both nurbs and polygons by using the checkButton "Polygon output".

you can choose to perform a partial extrusion by using the second checkBox.

All the nodes will be grouped and numbered.

shelf icon included in the zip file.

I'm sorry for the "tricky code" but I'm not a programmer... :P

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