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DinoNoiseIt 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

add noise to selected channels in the channelBox

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Last Modified:09/18/2013
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animation, channels

DinoNoiseIt 1.0

Tthis is a simple script for superquick noise animation,  you select your object(s)  you attribute(s) in the channel box and run the script. Your object(s) will already shake with some random values in the noise attributes that you can adjust.

Description: the script adds two new attributes (amplitude and frequency) for each attribute selected in the channel box.
installation: place the script in your user/documents/mayaVersion/preference script folder, to execute type DinoNoiseIt in the command line.

Usage: select one or multiple objects, select one or multiple attributes in the channlebox, type "DinoNoiseIt" in the commandline (without brackets)
default noise values can be changed by opening the script in the script editor and changing the default value variables.
It works for mltiple objecs and  multiple attributes.
It works for attributes of the imput history nodes.
you can add a new noise to the frequency and amplitude attributes previously created to create more complex noises.
the script is expression based, you will find the expressions in the expression editor that you can easily edit.

 Tested ony in maya 2012, but since it is nothing but basic mel, it should work for all versions starting from 2011

Hope you will find it usefull as I do :)

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