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DistributeAlongCurve(s)1.0.7.mel 1.0.7 for Maya (maya script)

Multi featured distribute objects on curve script. Multiple curves, multiple objects and more.....

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  • 2014

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  • Windows


Last Modified:08/20/2014
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** Fixed bug on new U Offset feature.......
1) No gaps. So you can set number of space widths to zero.
2) Custom U Offset check box option. So objects can overlap.
3) Orientation: All the Front Axis and Up vector options of standard motion path. (The whole object fit method has been updated to allow for this.)
4) Duplicate options: duplicate, instance, duplicate input connections and duplicate upstream options.

Duplicates objects along a curve. Functionality for multiple curves and multiple objects. Autoscale function is available to fit the desired number of objects to the curve.  Objects can be distributed in sequence or random. You can also define the gaps between the objects. The gaps can also be distributed in series or at random. There are 2 variations of offset functionality. Universal offset in X, Y, Z for all duplicates, and a random range X, Y, Z. Options to fit the objects inside the curve or at the end points. Options to keep the object connected to the curve or diconnect. Everything is based on the bounding box so there is no need to freeze any transforms. If autoscale is off only the possible number of objects that can fit the curve are duplicated. Objects are grouped for each curve, and sub grouped into each object type.

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