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Double Side Texture 6.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Applies diff. Textures on either side of a surface

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Last Modified:05/08/2023
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Version History

dst v6.0.0
Added compatibility with Maya version 2024.
Modified 'aiStandard' shader to 'aiStandardSurface' shader.
dst v5.0.0
Added Arnold 'aiStandard' shader for use in Maya 2017+
dst v4.2.0
Supports Maya 2012
In Maya 2011 an -la/ 0bsolete warning showed up while loading the script. Though the script worked fine.
The same has been corrected and the script is now working without any warning.

dst v4.1.0
Now a flip attribute is added in the extra attributes of the dst shader (also in the channer editor).
It gives the flexibility to flip the textures anytime.

dst v4.0.0
Now you have a button and the selected shader will be created only when you hit the create button.
dst v3.0.0
Here you could actually choose the shader to create from a drop down menu.
The window layout was made to look better as well.
The selected shader is created as soon as a shader was selected from the drop down menu.
dst v2.0.0
A Button was added to create the dst window.
So on sourcing the script there would be an initial window with just buttons.
Create Button - Creates or execute the script to create the Shader (By Default Phong)
Added two more buttons.
One for the Hypershade and Attribute Editor for simplicity of use.
Shelf is added as well.

dst v1.0.1
It allowed to source the script.
dst v1.0.0
This Script had an earlier version 0.1.0
There was no sourcing of script.
Simply you had to copy and paste it in the script editor and execute it.
It just popped a window and created a default phong shader in the Hypershade with all the connections required...