Adverti horiz upsell 1.0.3 for Maya (maya script)

ui of compiled scripts for rigging

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  • 7.x, 6.x

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Last Modified:08/27/2009
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1.03 - Apr 03, 2006

  • added popup menu with all ui defined attributes for master obj on shape vis connect and adjusted loading to only load first selected object
  • added 5 percent increments popup menu (from 5 to 200) on scale for resize
  • added selection for uniquecurve shapes naming to reselect original selection
  • added reader groups (select objects/movers you want to read and run the script)
  • creates a null group that is PO Constrained to each selected objects to get driving values of transforms for doing direct connection driving on other objects
  • set defaults for joint mirroring to be YZ and behavior since that is used more often
  • moved center groups, multi groups and null to "extras" section to be with other group/null tools

  • still working on joint orient tools and save/load weights section for version 2.00

1.02 - addressed all the UI drawing issues between windows 2000, XP, and Linux that I have been made aware of please redownload, if you find any other issues feel free to email me and let me know, thanks - Damon

I built a compact UI of my rigging scripts that help speed up the process

(please rate or discuss this pack so I can get feedback for upgrades/improvements for the next version)

UI is 480 x 535

tools available:

curve creation:
  • multiple curve shapes: will automatically position and orient a control per selected object
  • joint: will automatically position and orient a joint per selected object
  • joint chain: will automatically position and orient a joint per selected object and create heirachy based on order of selection
  • grp center: will create a null with a handle at the center of selected objects or components
  • grp center multi: will create a null with a handle at each selected object or component
  • grp Freeze: zeros out the selected object's transformations while keeping orientation, by transferring transforms to the new parent group
  • constraints: point, orient, point/orient constraints, with or without offset,uses a target group rather than constraining to the actual selected objects
  • select heirarchy/joint heirarchy: selects heirarchy or heirachy of joints only of selected objects
  • create heirarchy: creates a heirarchy of slected objects in order of selection
  • text curves: text, font, weight, size, border, seperate text from border, seperate each character, border distance
  • (creates combined shapes) warning!!! weight and size not available under Linux!!!)

curve editing:
  • color curves : colors selected curves depending upon which color canvas you click on
  • default color : set default color to use while creating curves from the UI
  • combine curves : combines the shapes of selected objects under the transform of the first selected curve
  • resize curves : set scale and axis to resize selected curves without affecting transforms.  warning!!! if curve has multiple shapes you will need to select teh shape Nodes for resizing
  • connect shape visibility : input master object and driving attributes and tool will connect the visibility on the shape nodes of selected objects  (so vis change doesn't affect heirarchy, will create attribute on master object if it doesn't exists
  • mirror joints multi: allows for mirroring of multiple joint chains at once

  • rename and number: renames selected objects and uses given start number as the suffix
  • search and replace: renames selected objects by searching andreplacing given textfield input
  • prefix/suffix: adds prefix or suffix to selected objects
  • to upper: capitalizes all letter characters of selected objects
  • to lower: lower cases all letter characters of selected objects
  • unique shapes All/selected: renames all/selected nurbs curve shape nodes to match transform and be unique

display options
  • LRA On/Off, handle On/Off: turns on or off local rotation axis/select handles of selected objects
  • O-ride All/Selected On/Off: turns on or off display overrides on selected/all joints
  • display toggles: buttons to quickly toggle visibility of objects, lights, X-ray, isolate select, etc. in current model panel

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