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Duplicate Along Path 1.5.1 for Maya (maya script)

Duplicate or Deform objects along a path, with a bunch of extra features!

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Last Modified:06/04/2015
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Window won't open in Maya 2015

Submitted byMetafix Metafix

Hi John,

This seems like an amazing plugin. I can't get it to work with maya 2015 though. I saved the script to shelf and when I click it, it creates a new file and gives the error: // Error: line 3: Command port: commandportDefault is already active.

Hope this is still a project you maintain :)

 Thanks in advance!

Comments on this bug:

  • Metafix

    Metafix said about 7 years ago:

    Hi John, Glad to see you still maintain the project! It seems to have resolved itself. Right now, when I use "DupAlongPathToolbox;" the tab does show up. I don't think it showed up before, but I probably did something wrong myself. I did restart maya, but maybe I didn't restart my mac before trying again. As for your question, for future reference and just in case: The new file thing happened when I used the shelf button I created using the "save script to shelf" command. I tried to reproduce it but now it doesn't seem to be doing anything. I checked the tabs but it didn't open a tab either. Anyway, off to use the script, thanks for creating this!
  • John Germann

    John Germann said about 7 years ago:

    Hi and thanks for the bug report! That's an odd one. I am using 2015 here and the tool loads just fine. What is the line that you are trying to execute?
  • John Germann

    John Germann said about 7 years ago:

    Oh, an odd thing about 2015 is that when you run the tool, it will show up as a tab on the side rather than show itself. So check the tabs on the right side of the screen for the tool.

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