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duplicate with shear 1.1.0 for Maya (maya script)

creating ladder its 5 seconds

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Last Modified:04/23/2006
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Script duplicate object and create interactive trail of copyes.

Select cylinder, run "dup", set number of copyes and press ok. Now move, and all is move

You can also move/rotate/scale first original object.


new in 1.1 -

checkBox "instance".  Now you can create copyes or instances.


After creation look at your channel box, there is new attribute "copies". This attribute say to target movable copy where it's place. When you use "vector copying", copyes = 1. When you do not use "vector copying", copyes equal to number of copyes that you were created.


NOTE: when you rotate object, attributes of rotation may jumps at example from 270 to -90 degrees, this is not good for interactive placing of copyes. In this situation just select needed attribute in channel box, at example RotateX and drag with middle mouse button in viewport. In this mode attibutes will not "jump".


To delete expression and unlock created objects just select nothing and run "dup" again. Now in 1.1 version deletion deletes only expressions created with "dup" procedure, not all expressions.


It works with expression. If you create 50 or 100 copyes it may take some time to create expression after you press "ok", but then it can work fast even with 100 copyes. You may select one or more than one object, expression will create to each one.


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