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dvAutoSave Script 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

A time based autosave script for maya, nuke and houdini that also supports pyQt

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Last Modified:08/23/2012
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artist, save, maya, nuke

The full demo for the Auto Save tool made for Autodesk Maya, Foundry Nuke, and SideFx Houdnini. 
The demo show cases the tool using the PyQT GUI in Maya 2011 and then follows up showing the tool working in Maya, Nuke and Houdini using interfaces built from commands native to each respective program.

00:00 to 04:30 - Maya 2011 Demo with the pyQt interface
04:31 to 07:16 - Maya 2009 Demo with the native interface
07:17 to 09:17 - Nuke Demo with native interface
09:18 to 12:38 - Houdini Demo with native interface

The tool was finished on July 2012 and will be downloadable at my website and Creative Crash

To Install you must put the entire folder in your python script folder for the appropriate program 

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