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EA_HUD 1.3.0 for Maya (maya script)

Create HUD to display some information on playblast.Turn on/off camera setting options.Take a playblast.Create all 4 type of camera.

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Last Modified:07/19/2021
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EA_HUD has 4 parts which are HUD,Camera Options Playblast and Camera.The script allows you to generate some HUD information, set camera setting options and take a playblast which format size you want.
 1)Place EA_HUD.mel to your maya scripts folder.
 2)Run  EA_HUD_1_3  on mel. 
   User name, scene name and date are shown on GUI automatically.If you want to change user name, you can do.However, scene name and date are not changeable.
   Selected camera name is shown.
   You can use Status part for specifying phase which you are in and if you want to take a note about scene,you can use note part.
    Beginning and last frame number are shown.If you change frame number, click on get first and last frames button.It refreshes frame numer
   The script displays HUD information, when you click on Show/Update HUD button:
   User Name, Scene Name, Date, Camera Name, Status, Note, Frame.
   (If checkbox is enable ,then it makes element visible.
    If checkbox is disable ,then it makes element invisible.)
 _Shot Gates_
   On/Off options for:
   Film Gate      Resolution Gate
   Gate Mask    Field Chart
   Safe Action   Safe Title

   Set overscan to 1.3
   Change color of HUD elements
   Give a name for playblast file.
   Click on imagine size and take a playblast automatically.

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