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Extended Duplicate Options 1.2.0 for Maya (maya script)

duplicate along curves, surfaces, 1-2-3d arrays

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  • 9.x, 2009, 2008, 8.x, 7.x, 6.x, 5.x, 4.x, 3.x

Operating Systems

  • Irix
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows


Last Modified:02/11/2011
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This script add in the standard duplicate options:

- duplicate total transform:
duplicate a single DAG object on a 1, 2 or 3 dimensional array with the 3 simple space description: "cubic", "cylindrical" and "spherical".

- duplicate along nurbs curves:
duplicate a single DAG object on a ensemble of selected nurbs curves.

- duplicate along nurbs surfaces:
duplicate a single DAG object on a ensemble of selected nurbs surfaces.


Put the 4 files:
- perform_NP_duplicate.mel 
- perform_NP_duplicateAlongCurve.mel
- perform_NP_duplicateAlongSurface.mel
- perform_NP_duplicateTotalTransform.mel
that you find on the "_NP_duplicate.1.2.rar" on your mel scripts folder:
(Windows) drive:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\maya\scripts
(Mac OS X) Users/username/Library/Preferences/Alias/maya/6.0/scripts
(IRIX and Linux) ~username/maya/scripts
create or locate your userSetup.mel, by default on this folder:
(Windows) <drive>:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\maya\<Version>\scripts
(Mac) ~/Library/Preferences/Alias/maya/<version>/scripts
(Linux) ~/maya/<version>/scripts
or, if you use the BonusTool, in the script folder of it.
(Windows) <drive>:\Program Files\Alias\Maya<Version>\BonusTools 
(Mac) /Users/Shared/Alias/maya/<Version>
(Linux) /usr/aw/maya<Version>/BonusTools
and put the command:
source perform_NP_duplicate;
save and close and restart maya...

Known Problems 

- DO NOT WORK ON MAYA VERSION UPPER 9 (in reason of new animation layer)
- the "undo" doesn't work after the creation operation.

Total Transform
- the duplicated on the same position are not removed when the angle is set to a complete rotation.
- the refresh of the aim constraint is in some case not evaluated, move the locator or the parent group to obtain it.

on Curves
- the refresh of the animation snapshot is not correct when the number decrease.
- the "connect in/out meshes" is very impredictable (if you have any solution, mail me, thanks)

for more informations, see on:
for anything, contact me: n.pastrana(a)

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Please use the Feature Requests to give me ideas.
Please use the Support Forum if you have any questions or problems.
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